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Captains Of Sea And War - Remote (Album Review)

Release date: September 30th 2016. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Remote – Tracklisting

1.Ny Alesund 01:12
2.Aral Tengizi 05:56
3.Socotra 07:33
4.Bemaraha 05:25
5.Assale 08:04
6.Atacama 05:36
7.Aokigahara 04:18
8.Kerman 07:26

Band Members:

Àlex Garcia / Gerard Gual / José Martinez / David Montón


Remote is the second album from Spanish Progressive Post-Rock Stoners – Captains Of Sea And War. I remember listening to their 2014 self-titled debut album and being impressed by their style of highly anthemic post-rock vibes with a heavy Stoner Rock influence. Fast forward two years and Remote is here to impress you from the very start.
Opening track – Ny Alesund – is a brief semi-acoustic post-rock interlude before the real business of heavy post-rock/stoner riffs that appear on the remainder of the album. This is a nicely played track but a stark contrast to the rest of the album.
Second track – Aral Tengizi – is where Captains Of Sea And Water create a powerful musical odyssey by combining Prog Post-Rock Riffs with a distorted psychedelic stoner rock sound. It has moments of quiet passages set against the heavir stoner vibes. The band weave an exciting tale without the need for vocals. If you're a fan of early era Pelican and Russian Circles then you will find much to enjoy here.
The instrumental work sounds fresh and exciting throughout the album. As Captains Of Sea And Water inject a fresh perspective into the world of Instrumental Stoner Rock. The production of the album is handled superbly well though there a few moments where the volume could have been turned down to get a more dramatic effect.
Remote gives you the impression that you're on a musical journey of some sort. With each song representing a chapter in that journey. Some songs are very emotional such as the excellent third track Socotra where the band add soothing vocals to the mix.
Captains Of Sea And War are very much a cinematic band as they create musical landscapes that demand your full attention. Remote is a very hard album to define as the band don't favour one genre over the other. So you end up with a thrilling and quite challenging album to listen to at times. Though it will appeal to fans of Instrumental Rock/Metal music the most.
Remote is an excellent and well rounded album that will last long in the memory.
Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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An Interview with Paul Craig from CLAWHAMMER


Clawhammer hail from Mississippi, the hospitality state. This hard rocking stoner band officially announced their existence with the self-titled debut album in 2015, and just two months ago the sophomore album “In Space” was born. Heavy, driving, fuzzy tracks go one by one bringing the weight and bliss of real Rock. Don’t believe? Then taste the opener song “Lunatic Friends” of the new album! Paul Craig (vocals, harmonica, keyboards) is here to tell more about fantastic world of Clawhammer.

Hello Paul! If you do not mind I would like to start with the question of the band’s origin, so how did you start Clawhammer?

Clawhammer began about 30 years ago when Paul Hill and I (Paul Craig) were kids discovering heavy metal. At 12 years old, we were into Ozzy, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Dio, Metallica and all the other big names of metal at the time. We knew we wanted to be rock stars when we grew up. As we grew up, we went our seperate ways, each becoming musicians on our own. Paul Hill has been recording non-stop for 20 years with his bands Arise Within, Curse of Disobedience, Black Mountain Thunder and Sungod.

I had a band in the 90's called Secret Agent Mushroom and I worked on solo stuff for a while after that band split up and then I pretty much just fell out of it altogether until a little over a year ago when after getting a divorce, I decided to put a new band together. Paul Hill heard I was looking to get something started so he recruited me for a new project he was working on which became Clawhammer.

What was on your mind when you gathered for the first time under Clawhammer banner? Do you already know how you want it to sound?

When Paul first told me about what he was doing, he told me he wanted me to sing on his metal album. That was the only goal - to make some metal music. We didn't have a goal on what we wanted it to sound like but we are both heavily influenced by Black Sabbath so it was no surprise that a lot of the songs have a very Sabbath vibe to them.

Paul, you not only sing but also play keyboards and harmonica, how did you learn to deal with these instruments?

I am primarily a singer but I do have some minor skills with instruments. I learned music theory playing tuba in the high school band. Once you know the basic fundamentals of music well enough to play one instrument, it's not that difficult to apply what you know to playing another one in most cases. Except guitar. I suck at guitar. (Although I do have a very small uncredited guitar part on the first album on the track “Steam Roller”)

Clawhammer - Lunatics

There are two albums in Clawhammer discography, how do you value your progress? Do you feel that “In Space” is a bigger step further consider the self-titled debut?

In Space was a progression for us. As I said before, Paul Hill has been steadily recording for years but the first album was my first major exposure to digital recording. Previously I had only recorded with analog. Paul H was the only engineer on about half of the first album. As I learned the process, I set up my own studio at home. By the time we started recording In Space, I was adept enough with the software that I was able to engineer all the vocal myself. 

 This gave us a lot more time to work on tracks and be artistic since we could both work as often as we liked and were not locked into a schedule of only when both of us could be in the same room. Also, our first album was only about half new songs. The other half was songs that we had written in other projects and re-recorded for Clawhammer.

How do you share duties with Paul in Clawhammer?

We don't really have an official policy on which one of us does what. We both do whatever we can to move the band forward. That being said, Paul stays busy writing and keeping the other band members up to speed and I stay pretty busy on promotion.

What’s band current lineup besides you and Paul? I see three serious dudes on the artwork of the first album as you did it with a bunch of guest musicians and as I see “In Space” was recorded only by you and Paul.

The current lineup is me on vocals, Paul on guitar, Stephen McNeer of drums and backing vocals and Bass Player X on bass. Stephen has been with us for a while. He co-wrote Break My Chains on the new album. We've had trouble locking down a permanent bass player. Bass Player X is our newest member and we're hoping we can keep him around for a while.

In Space” starts with that striking artwork. How did you find it? Does it describe a concept of the album?

We started this album planning to call it Clawhammer In Space and write all the songs with a space to them. We wrote Polish My Rocket and did a cover of Ride the Sky by Lucifer's Friend and then we kind of fell away from the concept and wrote about whatever. A month or two before the release, we had decided to call the album Get Hammered. However, Eddy Sanchez, who played bass on Flowers on Your Grave and Betrayed started sending us the space themed artwork so stuck with In Space as the name of the album.

Speaking about non-musical influences… Some bands tend to base their songs on movies. Do you have something of this kind on “In Space”? And one more thing – do you prefer old school cinematograph or new stuff (including modern Star Wars) is okay too?

To my knowledge, none of our songs are based on movies. "Lost in a Maze" was featured in Lindsey Productions' short film "The Warning" but it was not written for the film. Also, we use movie clips in our YouTube videos sometimes, but this is only because we are too broke to produce our own content.

Well, metal-archives say that Clawhammer perform doom stoner, your Facebook profile says that it’s about heavy metal rock, I think that truth is somewhere in between. What’s your opinion? Which influences do you see in “In Space”?

The first song we recorded was 3D Death Machine, which was actually a remake of a song we made together about 15 years ago when we briefly collaborated over the internet to record a couple songs. The next songs we recorded were Gethsemene and Sunshine, both of which had a doom/stoner metal vibe to them. Paul's other band Black Mountain Thunder is a doom/stoner band. This is how we got the doom/stoner label. We never set out to be a certain type of band. We just play what we like. Some of it is doom/stoner, some of it is more mainstream rock and some of it is something else. When people ask me, I just tell them we play rock and roll.

In Space” opener track “Lunatic Friends” is a bloody awesome song, can you tell its story? How did you born these riffs?

Paul wanted to write a song in the style of Randy Rhoads and the result was the music for Lunatic Friends. I based the lyrics of the relationship Paul and I have but it could be about any two friends who are known for acting crazy together.

How do you participate in the process of songwriting? Do you discuss with Paul some details of the songs or he just brings ready tracks for you?

Paul is a recording machine. A week after we released the first album, he had 10 new tracks for me. Most of the time, he sends me a music track. If I like it, then I will write lyrics for it based on what emotion the music makes me feel. Sometimes Paul will write some lyrics and I finish them. Sometimes he writes them all and I record them as he wrote them and sometimes he writes them all and I make changes.

By the way, how lyrics are important for you? What kind of topics do you prefer to use in Clawhammer?

Lyrics are very important to me. I think every song should make you feel something and make you relate to something and good lyrics are essential for pulling that off. I try to make every song about something different. A lot of the songs on the first album were about different mental states (anger, depression, schizophrenia, etc). As far as In Space goes, you have Lunatic Friends which is about friendship. My Angel is about addiction. Break My Chains is about work. Polish My Rocket is about sex.

Vibrio Cholerae Records released both of Clawhammer’s CDs, did you search for bigger label? And how do you deal with promotional things?

Paul has had a relationship with Vibrio Cholerae for a while. They also released his other projects with Black Mountian Thunder, Curse of Disobedience, Sungod, etc. Personally, having a label is not that big of a deal to me. I'm not against the idea but I don't think that any label would be willing to invest a lot of money into us unless we were willing to quit our jobs and tour, which we are not willing to do. We promote ourselves through social media pretty well.

How often and with what kind of bands do you usually play live? How is it important for you to keep the living spirit of the band?

We don't play live very often. In the beginning, Clawhammer was only supposed to be a studio project. We were getting some demand from a couple of local club owners to come play so we put the live band together this year and we have played a few gigs but we have turned down more than we have played. Paul is a truck driver and is on the road for three weeks at a time so we usually are only able to get together for practice once or twice a month. Combine that with effort of constantly replacing and training bass players and we just don't have a lot of time to play live.

Clawhammer – In the Name of God

Man, you’re from Mississippi, and I don’t remember if I ever did an interview with bands from your region. What kind of local stoner doom scene do you have there? And how much of Mississippi in your music?

I don't know of any other stoner doom bands around here that don't have Paul Hill in them. Most of the bands in this area who play original music play either blues or country, and there are a couple of Clawhammer tunes that have a blues or southern rock influence to them, but not many. It's not a sound that we try to have but it's not something we try to avoid either.

How do you see prospects of Clawhammer? Which direction do you plan to follow with the next album?

I think prospects for Clawhammer are good. We may never be a household name, but our fan base is slowly growing. This all started as a hobby. We never expected to go anywhere with it so any success we have is surpassing our expectations. As for the next album, who knows? We're recording a few cover songs to give away on our ReverbNation page right now (reverbnation/clawhammer1) but once we are finished with those, I'm sure the new original songs won't be too far behind. "We Will Rock You" and "Electric Avenue" are already posted up by the way.

Okay, Paul, god speed you on your way! I wish you all the best with further spreading of Clawhammer Word! Do you have few more words for our readers?

To the fans of Clawhammer, I say thank you. You make all the effort worthwhile. To the artists out there, I say don't make success a goal. Record what makes you happy. You will have your share of haters but there will be people who like it. And to everybody, I say like us at and buy us at

Words by Aleks Evdokimov and Paul Craig


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Glitter Wizard - Hollow Earth Tour (Exclusive Album Stream)

Release date: October 21st 2016. Label: Heavy Psych Sounds. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Hollow Earth Tour – Tracklisting

The Smokey God
The Hunter
Stoned Odyssey (Including: Spreading The Spores / Delivering The Monolith / Fungal Visions)
Sightseeing With Admiral Byrd
Death Of Atlantis

Band Members:

Wendy Stonehenge, Doug Graves, Lorfin Terrafor, Kandi Moon, Fancy Cymballs

The Lowdown:

As the group enters it's ninth year, Glitter Wizard are set to release their most ambitious album yet. Hollow Earth Tour is a concept album of sorts; chock-full of reptilian overlords, underwater fascists, and inner-earth explorers. This band of California rifflords pillage the best of vintage hard rock while keeping their laser eyes on the future, creating a unique brand of oddball psychedelia. Their onstage performance is a glammed-up force to be reckoned with and they've been taking their act on the road from the West Coast all the way to Europe.
Lipstick stains on the rim of a bong”
That's all the information you require to listen to the excellent new album from Glitter Wizard – Hollow Earth Tour. It's a blistering ride of classic hard rock riffs with at touch of Psychedelic Stoner Rock madness thrown in for good measure.
It's definitely their craziest release to date but also perhaps their finest album to date. The album has quite a schizophrenic feel which has appeared on other Glitter Wizard releases. Though Hollow Earth Tour is where the band make an almighty leap for greatness and pull it off with true conviction.
Standout tracks have to be: The Smokey God, The Hunter, Scales and Death Of Atlantis.
The album is superbly produced from start to finish as Glitter Wizard include a ton of different noises to impress you with. It may take you a few listens to fully understand it all as the band create a progressive mind-fuck of different ideas that all have a delicious wicked edge.
Now you can enjoy Hollow Earth Tour in all it's glory. As the cool folks at Heavy Psych Sounds and Purple Sage PR have allowed me to stream the album before it's official release this Friday.
So sit back and enjoy Hollow Earth Tour. It's time to take a trip and believe me when I say it's glorious!!!
Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR and Heavy Psych Sounds for the album stream.

Hollow Earth Tour will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Heavy Psych Sounds from October 21st 2016.


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Spiritually Obsessed: An Interview with Dave Sherman

Dave Sherman is the man who put a damned lot of effort to raise the doom scene fighting back to back with other American doom heroes. In the early ‘90s, he was in Wretched, then added his energy to the rocky flow of Spirit Caravan. Earthride turned out to be a kind of his anger management course since 2000, but it wasn’t enough and he started one more doom band named Weed Is Weed in around 2005.

Did you know that he joined The Obsessed a few months ago? I bet you didn’t! So even though Dave was busy with celebrating his birthday on 16th of October, he somehow found some time to answer my questions about the bands he involved in.

Hi Dave! First of all, thanks for your time! Your name is tied to a lot of bands, can you clarify - which ones are the most active ones for you today?

The Obsessed, Weed is Weed, Earthride, and PillBilly which is one of my new projects. It has this country and western thing going on and features Ed Brown on Bass ..

So there are these rumours that The Obsessed are preparing new full-length album with the working title “Sacred” and you're on board. How does the writing process go? What's your progress?

Yes – The Obsessed recently reformed from the band Spirit Caravan with Brian Constantino, on drums. We signed with Relapse Records and we have been in the studio recording. It has 14 songs, two cover songs Mountain: Crossroader and Thin Lizzy: It’s Only Money. It has one old song and 11 new ones.

The Obsessed – Retroman live 2016

The Obsessed is a well known band, and I believe that you already have the label who'd like to release the album. Do you have now schedule consider the tour dates and the date of release? Do you feel yourself as a serious guy doing a serious business?

As I indicated we are now signed with Relapse Records. The album release date will sometime in February 2017. I always take whatever I do seriously in my music. I put my heart and soul in it.

How much of Earthride will be in the next album of The Obsessed? How do you share your duties in the band?

There will not be any Earthride influences on this album, as it is a totally different band. Wino will be doing most of the vocal duties and wrote the material.

Spirit Caravan stopped their journey on some point but The Obsessed returns, what does differ one band from another for you? Can you say that they both have really different souls?

Yes, Spirit Caravan is more a stoner rock band with a positive edge as The Obsessed is more punk rock doom band.

Earthride – Grip the Wheel

Since 1999 you play with Earthride, it’s known by its crude, nearly anarchic doom - a kind of Motorhead of doom. What did you put in the band? What was your primary goal when you started it?

Motorhead and Black Sabbath had a baby and it was called : Earthride. We are thinking about getting it back together again. Eric Little and I have been talking about writing a new album. Yes, Kyle Van Steinburg had monster riffs and an amazing tone. That is only one of the reasons Earthride stands out. The song writing is in an old school way, which makes it more authentic. My gurgle with glass vocals stand out.

What made you switch the efforts from Earthride to Weed Is Weed?

Weed is Weed has been around for about 15 years. Earthride at that time took precedence.

I always like to keep reinventing myself, I started working hard on Weed is Weed as well. With great musicians from this area like, Gary Isom, Rob Portillo, Russ Strahan, Darren Waters, Mark Ammen, and Tyler Lee, we can create great music together. The Maryland Family. We are coming out hopefully within this year or next year with a new EP called, “The Bong Remains The Same”. So be look in’ for it, because it rocks hard and heavy.

Earthride dealt in its songs with such themes like “drugs, death, misery, struggles”. How much of you are into that?

Yes it does deal with those topics as Black Sabbath did and of course we all know what drugs can do, and that was the main reason for the bands long hiatus. I don’t consider weed a hard drug, but everything else is taboo, especially the opiates.

Weed Is Weed – Blunt Force Trauma

You played in a dozen of bands through your career, which ones were most difficult ones from technical point of view?

Spirit Caravan, The Flood Foundation with Dale Flood from Unorthodox, and The Obsessed. They are the most progressive songs to learn. There a lot of changes and weird timing signatures as far as playing the bass. Bands such as: Captain Beyond, Yes, Rush, and King Crimson.

Speaking about your past – you recorded three albums with Wretched in ‘90s, why didn’t you join the band after the reunion in 2004? Wasn’t it just important for you during that period?

The band had a good 5 year run, but the band broke up and Shine was born, which later became aka Spirit Caravan. After Spirit Caravan split up in 2002, we made up a few songs, but we couldn’t get it together, because of personal reasons.

Spirit Caravan – Black Flower

By the way, how did you manage to play the right tunes during gigs? I’m meaning that you need to keep in your head a damned lot of tunes from all these albums you record and sometimes you even need to sing. So how seriously do you usually prepare yourself for the gigs?

We have relentless rehearsals. A lot of listening, to the material to acclimate myself with the band that I am presently working with and more rehearsals.

You were always a part of the bands who actively play live and do tours, what are your main rules of surviving on tour?

Drink a lot of water, and try and stay as healthy as you can, because there is a lot of time in the van and in between venues so you have to think of ways to amuse yourself, and there is a lot of joking around. When you are working in close quarters it is hard for you to pick up your instrument to play. On the road I have been Bass Player, driver, tour manager, and roadie.

Booze or drugs? What do grant best inspiration?

To be truthful with you I don’t need either for inspiration. My inspiration for my music comes from living it with my Heart and Soul. To me music is the breath of my life.

What do you feel being the part of doom scene's history? Does it still bring fun or does it become boring over the years? Do you feel pressure because people expect more from you?

It is an honor to be recognized by my peers, but I have done a lot of work to get this far. the The war is never over and you have to keep battling on. It never becomes boring because there are new songs to be written and new riffs to come up with. It is an endless journey. No, I don’t feel pressure anymore because, like a fine wine you only improve with age.

Okay, let's sum up - what are your plans for the bands your currently involved with in the nearby future?

Be look’in for the new Weed is Weed record sometime this year. I am also working on a new project which will be called “PillBilly.” PillBilly has a country folk favor like Hank III, and Bob Wayne. It will include Ed Brown, Bass & vocals, Thane Farace, guitar & vocals, and myself on cigar box guitar, six string acoustic, and vocals. It is going to be a whole lot of fun in the coming year. Hopefully I will be on tour with one of these bands. As everyone knows I am always on the move.

Thank you & Take Care, Peace, Dave Sherman

Words by Aleks Evdokimov and Dave Sherman


Asteroid - III (Album Review)

Release date: November 11th 2016 (EU) and December 9th 2016 (US). Label: Fuzzorama Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

III – Tracklisting

1.Pale Moon
2.Last Days
3.Til' Dawn
4.Wolf & Snake
5.Silver & Gold
6.Them Calling
7.Mr. Strange

Band Members:

Robin Hirse – Vocals/Guitar
Johannes Nilsson – Bass/Vocals
Jimmi Kohlscheen - Drums/Vocals


Almost at the threshold of 40, and having started to listen to music at the age of 6 thanks to my father’s vinyl collection, I always wondered how all those groups I’ve loved to tears would have played today, with the inspiration of their golden years. Imagine how, one of the most inflated genres to date, the stoner/psych/fuzz rock/metal, would have been played by bands like Pink Floyd, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin.
I know that many of them have laid the foundations for the development of many of the genres we love, and would face a time paradox worthy of Back To The Future but, think for a while, how it would be. Seriously, I asked myself this thing really in recent years and, today, I found a first, partial, response in the new album from the Sweden based trio from Örebro, Asteroid (III, Fuzzorama Records). III is with no doubt one of the best releases so far. All in this album is close to perfection.
The rhythm section of Johannes Nilsson (vocals and bass) and Jimmi Kohlscheen (drums) is something I have not heard from time, perfect, powerful and dynamic at the same time. The riffing of Robin Hirse (guitars and vocals) is something in between the golden age of modern stoner rock and the psychedelic sound of the late 60s-70s. And what about singing? Simply amazing. With that voice he could not sing anything in any other group. One of the best productions ever heard so far.
III starts with Pale Moon, which has one of the most beautiful intro of the last years, reminds me closely the Pink Floyd. Here, the groovy bass line and drumming are the perfect background for the sliding distorted guitar that gently introduce a powerful and psychedelic song, with the voice of Robin that stops for a very few moments the lysergic atmosphere of this little gem of about six minutes.
Probably one of my favorite songs. Last Days, the second song of III, starts with the right dose of modulation effects that brings a very unique sound, giving the way to a more rhythmic part for a completely different song than the opener. In Til’Dawn, the clean sound of the guitar during the intro alternates with fuzzy riffs and a vocal part that literally makes you shudder for intensity and depth, especially towards the end where the voice of Robin and the use of back-vocals closely reminds me the Alice in Chains.
Wolf & Snake is such a kind of song every stoner rock band should have in their repertoire. Inside is everything you need, classic 70s riffs, Kyuss, Truckfighters, Fu Manchu, all united in a perfect mix for a beautiful song ending in a pure sludge style, with slow tempos and massive fuzz that contrast with the clean outro of the song. It follows Silver & Gold, the shortest song of III, where in about 3 minutes Asteroid explore an upper floor in the way of composing, giving us a pure psychedelic song with a blend of layered vocals and guitar that gently introduce the fuzz and groove of the penultimate song, Them Calling.
III ends with Mr. Strange, a powerful song that rightly includes my initial thought of this review. Here, the echos of Led Zeppelin and Jefferson Airplane fuse with the sounds of modern stoner, while leaving that vintage note until the last part of the song, where choirs and chanting vocals close, perfectly, the album.
What to say. It seems clear that I liked the album and I highly recommend it to everyone, especially to all tired of the same usual way to decline a genre now hyper-inflated. III is definitively a masterpiece and, as a musician, it is exactly the album I would have like to make.
Words by Bruno Bellisario

Thanks to Oskar at Fuzzorama Records. III will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Fuzzorama Records on 11th November 2016 in Europe and 9th December 2016 in USA.


True Widow - AVVOLGERE (Album Review)

Release date: September 23rd 2016. Label: Relapse Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

AVVOLGERE – Tracklisting

1.Back Shredder 04:21
2.Theurgist 04:38
3.F. W. T. S. L. T. M. 05:15
4.The trapper and the trapped 05:14
5.O. O. T. P. V. 05:42
6.Entheogen 05:47
7.To all that he elong 01:55
8.Sante 03:52
9.Grey erasure 03:25
10.What finds me 06:00

Band Members:

DH Phillips (guitar/vocals)
Nicole Estill (bass/vocals)
Slim TX (drums).


True Widow not only build upon the momentum of their last release, 2013s Circumambulation with their immense new album Avvolgere, they go even further with their sound and vision on this project with the marrying of stoner rock and shoegaze hitting its peak on this record. The bands use of melody has been honed even more on this album and with the use of so many distorted, fuzzy and heavy riffs that are still aplenty throughout, it's a match made in heaven and the result is a joy to listen to.
That distorted melody is most evident on songs like the hypnotic, shoegaze vibes of F.W.T.S.L.T.M and album opener Back Shredder.
Avvolgere is packed full of memorable songs that are so well constructed and executed and there are so many quality riffs and catchy harmonies that they will take your breathe away. The atmosphere on the album is mostly downbeat but done so in such a triumphant fashion that you cannot help but revel in its almost bleak nature and it defintely turns into something inspiring, take a song like The Trapper And The Trapped for example. The song is a dizzying aural journey with the duel vocals of D.H Phillips and Nicole Estille wrapping around the song perfectly with the shimmering musical underbelly acting as a foil to the harmonies. Yes it may seem bleak but there is a beauty about it and that is prevalent through the albums duration.
O.O.T.P.V is the same, the melody is perfectly intact but there is a creeping darkness behind it that enhances the song. The vocals of both Phillips and Estille are fantastic all through the album and work so well over the varying range of the bands music, music that is equal parts mystical and psychedelic as well as straightforward and catchy.
The whole of Avvolgere feels like the soundtrack to a vivid dream from the start and is also extremely varied in its musical output without ever sounding disjointed, from the devastatingly powerful shoegaze of Theurgist to the mesmerising groove of Entheogen to the gentle but affecting To All That He Along to the brooding and powerful groove of Sante, it's never anything less than formidable and totally consumes your head.
As the albums closing track, the gorgeous What Finds Me draws to its hauntingly atmospheric conclusion, you will want to experience Avvolgere again in its entirety straight away and that is testament to the quality of music on show, True Widow have definitely raised the bar with this one, the album is a triumph.
Words by Gavin Brown

Thanks to Monica at Speakeasy PR for the promo. Avvolgere is available to buy via Relapse Records on CD/DD/Vinyl now.


Saint Vitus - Live Vol. 2 (Album Review)

Release date: September 30th 2016. Label: Season Of Mist. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Live Vol. 2 – Tracklisting

1.War is our Destiny 03:47
2.Look Behind You 02:54
3.Let them Fall 03:34
4.The Bleeding Ground 05:26
5.Patra (Petra) 06:00
6.The Troll 05:49
7.The Waste of Time 05:06
8.White Stallions 05:38
9.Thirsty and Miserable 03:48
10.Dying Inside 07:22
11.Born Too Late 09:48

Band Members:

Mark Adams - Bass
Dave Chandler - Guitar
Scott "Wino" Weinrich - Vocals
Henry Vasquez - Drums


For the past thirty seven years, Saint Vitus have been THE quintessential doom band and have always excelled in a live setting and this recording of the band in their element during a gig in 2013 in support of their their brilliant comeback Lillie: F-65 album is a gift from the musical gods. This album follows their first live album (recorded way back in 1990) and shows why not only are the band so highly regarded as legendary figures in doom circles but they are refreshingly still as good nowadays and time has not blunted their edge in any way.

Mixing material from their classic albums, V, Mournful Cries, Hallows Victim and of course, Born Too Late with the newer material from the Lillie: F-65 album (which showed that the band were still at the top of their game despite such a long absence) such as the more up tempo Let Them Fall and the sprawling The Bleeding Ground, Saint Vitus deliver a lesson in doom from beginning to end.

When Vitus unleash classics such as the punked up White Stallions, The Waste Of Time, their revered cover of Thirsty And Miserable, Dying Inside and the closing, extended and utterly majestic version of Born Too Late, you appreciate even more just how good a band they are and how many bands they have influenced and the whole thing is a treat for your ears.

The sound is spot on throughout this performance with the band playing a blinder. Winos vocals are faultless and that signature guitar sound of Dave Chandler is a joy to listen to and with bassist Mark Adams and new (at the time) drummer Henry Vasquez (who replaced the much missed Armando Acosta) holding it down with the epic doom rhythms. Towards the end of the set, Wino asks "Are You Still With Us" and it is clear that everyone listening most definitely is. These are some of the greatest songs ever written performed with passion and class.

With Wino dedicating time at the moment to fellow doom legends The Obsessed, Saint Vitus are getting back together with original vocalist Scott Reagers (which is a treat in itself for doom fans lucky enough to see this) for a tour so it may be some time until this lineup is back in the live arena so until then, put Live Vol. 2 on, turn it up loud and enjoy the greatest doom band in the world doing what they do best.

Words by Gavin Brown

Thanks to Enrique at Season Of Mist for the promo. Live Vol.2 is available to buy via Season Of Mist on CD/DD/Vinyl now.


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